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Designer. Frontender. Project Manager. Analyst. UX Wonk. Seafaring Story-teller.

Hello, I'm Jason.

Pleased to be of service.

No time to chat? Please download my CV and drop me a line when you can at Jason@Wilsons.io.

What I offer...

  • At home in the Frontend realm
  • An eye for functional, user-friendly designs
  • Curiosity about new technologies
  • Driven to grow myself and my teammates
  • A thirst for Dev and UX knowledge
  • Leadership and mentoring skills
  • Friendly and supportive personality
  • Comfortable speaker
  • The occasional relevant sea-story
  • Free samples!

What you offer...

  • Close-knit, agile, professional team
  • An inspiring workspace
  • Variety of projects in which to participate
  • Training and/or Education Budget
  • Conference attendee/speaker opportunities
  • Opportunities to try new things
  • Challenging problems to solve
  • Reasonably flexible working hours
  • Offices in Switzerland or Germany
  • Feedback to help me help us all

NOAA Ship Fairweather, my first sea-going assignment and where I first encountered UX in the form of Human Factors.

Recent Projects and Collabs

Nav-O, Alexa Skill

Alexa Skill for retrieving public tide guage and water-level data in the US written with NodeJS and the Serverless Framework. Responds to user requests with the current water level at any of the ~10,000 active measuring stations run by NOAA and USGS.

Built for Code for Hampton Roads

View the source at GitHub

Project Phoenix, Wordpress

Working on tweaking custom components and layouts for a Wordpress-based inventory management platform, can't share details at the moment though.

Making candles at the Zürcher Kurzenziehen, during our visit in 2016, while my daughter Aislin watches on.

My Journey

Infocentric / Swisscom, Zürich


Independent Frontend Consultant



Fullstack Projects, UX, Design

Cultural Care - Education First, Luzern


Frontend Developer

Trader Interactive, Norfolk, VA


Business Analyst, Frontend Mentor

NOAA Corps, United States


Administration, Hydrographic Survey, Ships Navigation, Public Outreach

L-3 Communications, Yorktown, VA

Fullstack PHP, Database, Website Design, Graphics, Actionscript, Moodle

UNITECH, Yorktown, VA

Fullstack PHP, Database, Website Design, Graphics, Actionscript, Moodle

Trader Publishing, Virginia Beach, VA

Frontend, ColdFusion, Javascript

Neboweb Internship, Virginia Beach, VA

Frontend, Remote

Volunteer Work

Coastal Virginia GAA, Norfolk, VA

Social Media, Graphic Design, Branding

Hampton Roads Hurling Club, Norfolk, VA

Social Media, Graphic Design, Branding, Goaltender, Corner Forward

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Gloucester, VA

Graphics Design, Web Design, Communications, Boating Safety Instructor

For the curious and the details oriented, this site is built on NodeJS and Express, is deployed on Heroku, and is rendered with Pug, SASS, and ES6.

Inspired by Dagmar Muth and my daughter's never-ending unicorn-induced joy.